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Note: This program is free to try ONLY during the beta testing period.

1CLICK BLURAY COPY is a DVD Copy Software that is able to Blu-Ray movie discs with just one click. 1CLICK BLURAY COPY is a one-to-one Blu-ray copy software that is fast and easy-to-use. Insert an original Blu-ray movie disc and 1CLICK will burn an exact copy to a blank Blu-ray media (same size as the original).

1Click Bluray Copy can copy personally authored Blu-ray discs or Blu-ray discs which are not encrypted. If you wish to copy a Blu-ray which is encrypted, youll also need to install decrypting program like AnyDVD HD. AnyDVD HD is a software that operates in the background and decrypts the Blu-ray disc while you copy.

By clicking the right mouse button anywhere on the applications interface, an options menu will be displayed:

1. Refresh Source detection: Re-scans the Source Blu-ray. Use this if you change Blu-rays and the information in the properties window has not refreshed to show the new source material.

2. Toggle Log Window Visibility: Show or hide the log file window for the current copy session. The log file contains information about copy settings and Blu-ray burning. NOTE: You can also open the entire log file (including previous copy sessions) using the F8 keyboard key. This will open the entire log file ("1click.log") in Windows Notepad. This is helpful if you want to quickly locate and save the log file to send to support in an email attachment. It is important that you include this log file with your email correspondence when requesting support.

3. Open Registration Window: Launches the Registration window where you can enter your Registration ID or offline Activation Code. You can also determine the program version number in the window title bar. NOTE: You can also use the F2 keyboard key to open the Registration window.

4. Open Working Folder: Opens the temporary folder used by the application.

5. Enable popup Hints: Show or hide the pop up hints that appear each time you hover over a control on the "Options" window.

6. Enable update notification: Launch an internet browser window to the website download page when a new version of the program becomes available for download. We powerfully recommend you leave this option enabled to ensure you will be notified of new updates.

7. Enable media Stats collection - VSO: 1CLICK Blu-ray Copy uses a writing engine (for burning Blu-rays) which is licensed from VSO Software. VSO uses an online reporting system to gather information about Blu-ray writers and blank media to improve the writing engine. This information will also help you to choose the best media for your Blu-ray writer. This feature is enabled by default and will send Blu-ray media statistics via internet each time a Blu-ray is burned. You can disable this feature by un-checking the check box.

8. Prompt for another copy of the same Source: Enable this option if you want to receive a prompt after the Blu-ray is burned to burn a second Blu-ray of the same copied movie.

9. Allow Blu-ray tray eject: This option is enabled by default. If you dont want the Blu-ray reader/writer tray to eject the Blu-ray when required, you must disable this option.

10. Delete Temporary Files: When enabled, this will ensure that all the temporary files (in the Working Folder) that are used for each copy session are deleted when they are no longer needed. You may want to disable this feature if you want to keep a copy of each movie you burn in your Working Folder. The software will warn you if another movie with the same volume name already exists in the Working Folder.

11. Warn before erasing RW media: When enabled, you will get a message box telling you that the RW disc is not empty if it contains data from a previous copy, prior to being erased/formatted.

12. Set volume name: Use this option to manually enter the volume name of the Blu-ray before its burned. By default, the software will use the volume name on the original Blu-ray. In some cases however, the volume name may be inadequate to properly identify the name of the movie. Once you click on this option, youll see a text box labeled "Volume Name" where you can enter the name you prefer. Remember to press the "Enter" key when you have finished entering the volume name.

13. Preferred burn speed: Use this option to manually select the preferred maximum burn speed. In some cases, you may need to lower the write speed to ensure your Blu-ray writer will successfully burn the Blu-ray.

14. Turn off computer after burn: Enable or disable automatic shutdown of the computer after a successful burn. This is useful if you wish to leave the computer unattended to burn a copy and you want the computer to shut down after the burn is completed.

15. Disable startup of media player on Blu-ray: Enabling this option will help to prevent the automatic startup of some free Blu-ray player programs (like "Interactive Media Player") when the Blu-ray is inserted. Some of these programs may interfere with the proper reading of the Blu-ray. This option is enabled by default.

16. Select Application Language: This option permits you to select the language that will be used on all windows of the application.

Note: This software is free to try during the beta testing period. had fully tested, reviewed and uploaded the install files, 1CLICK BLURAY COPY does not contain any adware or spyware, the latest version is Beta, you can download this bluray dvd copy software software (3.85 MB) from our special server.

The license of this video & dvd software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial before you buy. If you want to get a full or nolimited version of 1CLICK BLURAY COPY, you can buy this dvd copy software software.




Note: This program is free to try ONLY during the beta testing period.


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